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Morven is a small village situated on the main road between Culcairn and Holbrook, in the eastern Riverina district of New South Wales. It was once much a larger village than what can be seen today.

Its history dates back to the 1850’s and commenced as a Cobb & Co Staging Post, used for the changing and resting of the horses.

The original stables are still on the land at the Hotel. The Morven Post Office opened on 1st September, 1880.

During the early years, almost every public building and many homes were destroyed by fire, including the Hotel.

The town was serviced by the Holbrook branch railway line until the line was closed over 20yrs ago.
In recent years, Morven has continued to remain viable with a number of new families building homes and taking up residence.

Round Hill Hotel

Some time before 1874, Aneurin Heriot sold Ed Culnane allotmentsNo.9 and 10, section 32 in the Morven Township, for just 20pounds. This was the land on which the Round Hill Hotel now stands.

It was first named the Bridge Hotel and the year that the Hotel first started trading is not known. The year 1868 has been mentioned but not verified. The name was changed to Round Hill Hotel around 1959 after it left the hands of the O’Donoghue family.

On visiting the Hotel today, you can view interesting old photographs and information relating to the history of Morven as well as the original Cobb & Co stables.

Morven - Round Hill Hotel

Dan 'Mad Dog' Morgan

One of the most blood thirsty and notorious of Highway robbers, Dan (mad dog) Morgan, terrorised the district back in the 1860’s. He held up the Round Hill Station property and shot John Mclean.

The   grave and memorial to commemorate John McLean, who was the first to be killed by Morgan, lies on the main road between Morven and Culcairn.

John McLeans Grave